Our Logo

Graphics Standards Guidelines

Because the Baylor Scott & White Health name and icon are the key visual element that represent Baylor Scott & White Health, it is crucial that the logo is used consistently and appropriately.

This overview provides basic graphic standards for using the logo. Every time the Baylor Scott & White logo is used—on a shirt, plaque, ad, document, business card or on any other item or form of communication— Baylor Scott & White Health’s reputation and identity is shaped.

No part of the logo is to be recreated or altered in any way for any reason. All Baylor Scott & White Health logos are formatted to meet all production requirements. If you have questions about how or when to use the Baylor Scott & White Health logo or need a specific file format (.eps, .tif, .jpg) of the logo call Baylor Scott & White Health marketing and public relations at 214-820-3055.