For Marketing Staff ONLY

The Brand Center also includes a project management tool which is used to create and track marketing collateral, including: direct mail, billboards, magazine/print ads, microsites on, Web banners, emails and other promotional items.

To create a new project, log into and select “New Project” at the top.

You MUST include these details when submitting a project request for the project to be considered active:

  • Final, proofread copy
  • Quantity needed
  • Delivery address
  • Completed specification sheet (for emails and Web banners)
  • Reference artwork attached (if applicable)
  • Facility logo attached


Project Request Form

Select ‘Create New Project.’

  • Project title – title the project something descriptive and concise.
  • Project type – type of collateral requested.
  • Layout estimate due date – must be at least two weeks (10 working days) from the start date to allow for all proper design and development.
  • Final delivery date – should be one or two weeks after estimate due date to allow for approvals.
  • Project notes – mainly used after initial Project Request to update the project status.
  • Vendor preference – You may select internal or external vendors. External vendors will have work designations listed beside their names.
  • Description – describe the creative brief: Indicate target audience, objective, tone/feel of collateral request, etc.
  • Attachments – If there is existing artwork, copy, or logos, please attach to the project. If this is an email or Web banner request, attach the proper spec forms (contact Sylvia Mayo, 214.820.6188, if you do not have them).
  • Quantity needed/address – needed for ALL print projects. We are aware they may change throughout the course of the project.


Requesting an update to an existing print project

Print pieces can be updated internally by BHCS Marketing staff, provided they have the original artwork. The easiest way to seek out original artwork is by looking at the piece of collateral you want updated and finding the designer’s initials within the project code.

Key to Designer’s Initials:

BID – Big Idea Design – Scott Doherty
CE – Graphic Design Productions – Cindy Ethridge
EC – Eric Christopherson
FB – Allison Basile
HB – HighBandwidth – Raul Varela
JOD – Jo Design – Jennifer Henderson
KCG – Kase Creative Group – Merri Ellen Kase
Launch –Launch – Jason Giles
MD – Mele Design – Paula Mele
MOD – Mohouse Designs – Matt and Stephanie Mollet
NG – Newman Graphics – David Newman
RDC – Rook Design Company – Allison Gellner
Revel – REVEL United – Horacio Cobos
SC – SilverRun Creative – Leslie Murphy
SD – Symes Design – Curtis Symes
TM – Ted McAfee
VD – Vassilios Dimakopoulos
YH – Yvette Hunt Designs – Yvette Hunt

New logo request

If you are looking for a particular logo and cannot find it under the Brand Center logo art downloads it MAY not exist. Email your request for a new logo. The time period for receiving the new  logo will vary depending on legal approval. A response for an online logo request will be received via Baylor email. Not all requests for existing logos are approved.

NOTE: Only approved BHCS vendors may use Baylor logos. Production proofs must be provided to and approved by BHCS Marketing and Public Relations prior to production.