Usage examples


Make sure the background color is unobtrusive by using white or another light color.


Make sure photos use natural lighting. When appropriate, try to incorporate lens flares to further communicate ideas of vitality and happiness.

Skin tone

The original photo was a bit yellow, so we adjusted her red values to approximate a more natural skin tone.


Where lighting is not quite clear enough or colors are not clean enough, adjust colors in the photo through the adjustment filters in a photo editing program. For example, increase the contrast to add light and dark where needed and balance uneven coloring using levels.

Full-bleed imagery

Use warm, full-bleed imagery to create a sense of high drama and impact. Always use the white logo version to ensure clarity.


Large headlines are best placed onto photographs that have plenty of open, uncluttered space. If possible, reduce clutter from image backgrounds by using Photoshop.




DON’T use the full-color logo on dark backgrounds where there isn’t enough contrast to ensure proper legibility


DON’T use dark imagery or imagery with silhouetted figures as these photos feel dim and gloomy.