Our library of Scott & White Health Plan signature artwork contains mainly vector graphics that scale to accommodate various formats and color spaces across a wide range of media. Use the artwork according to the specifications in this document, which help ensure that our identity maintains its impact in every instance of use.

The most basic way to remain impactful is to scale our signature proportionally and to give it sufficient clear space. Beyond that, avoid the misuses of the Scott & White Health Plan signature shown here.

Note: Although only the secondary logotype is shown here, these misuses apply to all the versions and to our other identity artwork.

sig-dont-1DON’T render the symbol or wordmark in unapproved colors
sig-dont-2DON’T set the wordmark in a different typeface or rotate the symbol

sig-dont-3DON’T skew or otherwise distort the symbol or wordmark
sig-dont-4DON’T rearrange or resize the wordmark and symbol lockup

sig-dont-5DON’T add effects such as gradients or drop shadows to the symbol or wordmark
sig-dont-6DON’T lock up other typography to the logo