Core messages

Messaging is an important component of brand identity and a powerful tool to connect with different audiences. In the same way a visual identity is created using a set of tools—including color, typography, imagery and graphic motifs—our verbal identity is shaped by what we choose to say (core messages) and how we choose to say it.

Core messages help communicate the brand purpose to each audience. Keep them in mind when writing each new piece of audience-tailored communication.

What do we want a member to feel, understand or believe?


Scott & White Health Plan has me covered. The people there get me and understand my unique needs – and they tailor my experience around that, so I’m free to focus on the rest of my life.


Scott & White Health Plan frees me to focus on my business. Beyond providing quality and affordable coverage, the people there understand what’s important and work with me to keep my employees healthier.


Scott & White Health Plan makes doing my job easy. The quality and affordable plans close deals – and the people there support me along the way, deepening my client relationships.

Medical groups

Scott & White Health Plan supports my practice. They make it easy for me to provide the right treatments, and, with easy-to-understand coverage and simple billing, I’m free to provide the best patient care.

SWHP employees

Scott & White Health Plan empowers me to do what’s best for members. I’m part of a supportive and dynamic team that innovates to improve the health of my community.