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SmartFund | Exceptional Care. Predictable Costs.

Are you looking for an innovative way to offer your employees healthcare without hurting your bottom line? Chances are you’ve already researched self-funded medical plans but discovered their inherent risk – cashflow problems as medical costs vary month to month. SmartFund, from Scott & White Health Plan, removes this risk and gives you an easy-to-budget, predictable monthly cost. SmartFund is similar to the fully-funded plans you are used to, giving you a fixed monthly cost that covers expected claims, stop-loss and administrative fees. You save money when the claim costs come in lower than expected, and the stop-loss coverage protects you if they are higher.  It’s healthcare that won’t hurt your bottom line.

Protection against unexpected costs.
SmartFund is a partially self-insured medical plan offering predictable monthly costs and the potential to benefit when claims are lower than expected. You pay a fixed monthly rate like you would under a traditional plan. Monthly costs do not fluctuate based on actual claims paid during the year; you simply pay the predetermined amount every month and no more


We don’t just take care of your people; we take care of you, too.

If a fully-funded insurance plan is out of reach, a self-insured medical plan is a good alternative. But varying medical claims each month can be hard to budget for. Our SmartFund option helps you insure your employees at a fixed monthly cost so you get the best of both options.

As a partially self-insured medical plan, SmartFund can be less expensive than a fully funded plan. A set monthly rate covers claims and administrative fees as well as stop-loss protection in case claims are higher than expected. If claims are lower, you receive a refund at the end of the year.

We believe you should be able to take care of your people in a way that makes sense for you.


Core message
Scott & White Health Plan frees me to focus on my business. Beyond providing quality and affordable coverage, the people there understand what’s important and work with me to keep my employees healthier

Explains the plan simply.

Highlights what makes sense for your business.

Is straightforward about whom it’s benefiting.

Speaks directly to the employer.