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Fighting Asthma with Prevention & Preparation

The Asthma Action Plan

9.3% of children in the United States have asthma, according to the CDC. Asthma can be extremely dangerous and life threatening if not handled appropriately. That is why it is important to develop an Asthma Action Plan for children with asthma.

McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital has an Asthma Action Plan designed to help caregivers and children with asthma manage symptoms and prevent serious asthma
attacks. The Asthma Action Plan is composed of three zones to identify what type of Asthma medications need to be used in certain situations:

  • Green, which means the child is doing well and the best course of action is prevention;
  • Yellow, which means the child’s symptoms are worsening and rescue medicine may be needed; and
  • Red, which means the child’s symptoms are severe and rescue medicine is needed often, and medical attention is needed.

Please remember to use the Asthma Action Plan so a child’s caregiver knows what specific types of medications and actions are needed when a child is having difficulty with


Management is essential when it comes to asthma. Help our members get there with an action plan.

Asthma, which affects almost 10 percent of children in the United States, can be unpredictable. We work with McLane Children’s Scott & White Hospital to help our members decrease that uncertainty by managing their symptoms – and helping them know exactly what to do when an attack occurs – with an Asthma Action Plan.

Download an action plan template from Insite, http://insite.sw.org/web/iwcontent/private/Asthma/pdf/AsthmaActionPlan.pdf. Our members will work with their providers to develop color-coded zones that correspond to pre-determined strategies. For more resources for our members and their caregivers, learn about McLane’s Asthma Outreach Program, http://www.swchildrens.org/services-programs/pediatric-therapies/asthmaoutreach-program.

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Scott & White Health Plan empowers me to do what’s best for members. I’m part of a supportive and dynamic team that innovates to improve the health of my community.

Elevates the goal of creating an Asthma Action Plan for every member with asthma.

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