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Insurance Company of Scott & White

Our roots in Texas health care date back to 1891 when Doctors Scott & White began providing services to the employees of the Santa Fe Railroad through a prepaid health plan. Based on this rich heritage of integrated patient care, 30 years ago the physicians of Scott & White Health System launched Scott & White Health Plan and Insurance Company (SWHP) to provide health plan programs to the central Texas area.

The Next Era
In June of 2013, the boards of Baylor Health Care System and Scott & White Healthcare signed a definitive agreement to form a new company that would combine the strengths of their two health systems. As a result, SWHP has entered the Metroplex, bringing the success and quality of our programs to North Texas.

Benefits for Our Physicians Customer service

  • No IVR, talk to real people
  • Average wait time less than 3 minutes
  • Dedicated reps in the Metroplex
  • Website to access claims information

Claims Processing

  • 95.3% Auto-adjudication rate for In Network Physicians
  • Better than 99.2% first time claims accuracy


Metroplex physicians: Texas’ top-rated health plan is at your service.

Scott & White Health Plan has been championing the health of Texans for more than three decades, with an emphasis on preventative care, patient guidance and information-powered initiatives. Now, as part of Baylor Scott & White Health, we’re bringing our enthusiasm for health and distinctive service to North Texas.

Work with us and discover:

  • Real people, not recordings
  • Direct representatives in the Metroplex
  • Digital access to claims information
  • First-time claims accuracy > 99.2%
  • In-network physicians auto-adjudication rate of 95.3%
  • Fast claims payments, 87% within 14 days of receipt and >99.5% within 17 days
  • No referral requirement for in-network specialists
  • Short prior authorization list, publicly available
  • No prior authorization required for imaging
  • Disease management support
Medical groups

Core message
Scott & White Health Plan supports my practice. They make it easy for me to provide the right treatments, and, with easy-to-understand coverage and simple billing, I’m free to provide the best patient care.

Simplifies messaging.

Places less emphasis on history and more on what we do for you today.

Uses bulleted list with straightforward language to better relay information.

Speaks directly to the physician.